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Ada, MI. 49301 USA
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FAX: 1-616-676-1287

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"Our Quality Control Manager hard at work" Willmar makes it easy for you.


Retail Prices are listed Below or email us for a Pink Price List in the Web Address section.
  1. Order Amount:The Total Order Amount"MUST BE" over US$125.00 for us to accept the order with the Retail Prices (pink price list).
  2. Packs or Bulk:We will work with you on the orders. You can order in any combination of product you desire and we will break boxes for you but we prefer not to break packs of product.
  3. Shipping Terms:Prices Include Freight for any location within the Continental US. For areas outside the US, we will pay part of the freight expense. Send us an email with the desired items and your address or fax number and we will quote you.
  4. Payment Terms:
    1. Credit Card: MASTER CARD or VISA or DISCOVER or AMEX
  5. Mode of Shipment: In most cases it is UPS unless conditions indicate US Mail is better, for example, to Alaska or Canada..
  6. Delivery: "All Prices Include Delivery to your Store or Kennel; which Includes Shipping and Handling".
  7. By the way,(BTW): don't forget to give us your Shipping address in the email, fax or letter.
  8. Pink Price List: Take the easy way out and email us with your Name, Address, Fax Number and Telephone Number and we will send you the Pink Price List for Retailers.

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Ordering Information
Web Address and Mail

Web Address and Mail To Information

To Request a Printed Price List or additional information, send us an email from this web page at the address below. Please include your name, address, city, state, zip and specify the Pink Retailer's Price List in the email and we will send you the price list.

Or you can Contact us by mail or fax at: Address: Willmar International P.O. Box 456 Ada, MI. 49301 USA TELEPHONE: 616-676-1792 FAX: 616-676-1287

WEB PAGE ADDRESS: http://www.willmarinternational.com
Update:  Tuesday, December 20, 2011
For more information contact: MAIL TO: sales@willmarinternational.com
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