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10X500 gram 04227
Chemical Free • No additives, Fillers, Colouring or Preservatives
Pet owners and in particular dog trainers, have discovered Benny Bully's Pet Treats® as a nutritious, pure and natural alternative to traditional pet treats. We developed an innovative cutting and drying process, as an alternative to conventional food preservatives, making Benny Bully's ® one of the few "chemical free" treats on the market today. We thin sliced and specially sized each piece to provide maximum palatability, and attract the most hard to please pets. Benny Bullys ® pure natural fillets offer your pet a full true flavor for each beef organ you choose. Benny Bullys ® is hand selected only from USDA government inspected meat sections for the health conscious pet owner.
100% Digestible
Satisfaction Guaranteed


For Reward, Training or Snack

Ingredients: 100% Pure Beef Liver.

Directions: Feed Pet 1 or 2 pieces per day

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude protein......min 67.6% Crude fat.....min 10.6% Crude fibre.....max 0.1% Carbohydrate.....max 12.2%
Ash.....Max 4.8% Moisture.....Max 6.0% Calories.....(per 100g) 412 Vitamin A, RE....32244.0
Vitamin C, MG.... 68.0 Thiamin B1, MG....1.0 Riboflavin B3, NE...9.0 Niacin B3, NE...54.0
Pyridoxidine B6, MG...3.0 Folacin, MCG...1.0 Cobalamin B12, MCG...212.0 Calcium, MG...18.0
Phosphorus, MG...976.0 Magnesium, MG...58.0 Iron, MG...21.0 Zinc, MG...12.0
Copper, MG...10.0 Manganese, MG...1.0 Pantothenic Acid, MG...23.0 Sodium, MG...224.0
Potassium, MG...992.0 Cholesterol, MG... 1083.0

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